Your data are daily at risk. They can be destroyed or stolen and used for other purposes.

Viruses, worms, trojans, ransomware and malware – their purpose is to get into your computer. Antivirus programs stand on guard if they know the enemy. However, the most dangerous enemies are masked thus making it necessary to have a fundamentally different protection. Protection against what?

Against new and unknown malware that your antivirus software does not detect.

These programs don’t infect the machine or attract the attention of antivirus programs. They rather interfere with the operation of the computer, and in the worst-case scenario – steal credit card data or convert your files into a useless junk. To get your files back, you will have to pay money to the fraudsters.

Inexperienced users and children can equally destroy your work documents, vacation photos, saved links or download and install malware.

How do you protect your computer from these threats?

Virus always penetrates from an external source. This may be a link on the Internet, an email, or a colleague’s USB stick. An infected or specially prepared program transfers the virus. You only need to run it for the malware to gain access to your computer and create a copy of itself on your disk or take root in your working application. This mechanism is similar for most parasitic programs, irrespective of their type.

To avoid infection, it is necessary to block the launch and creation of the virus.

To protect against human, you only need to place a ban on file removal or modification. Other users can view photos and read the documents, but cannot delete or change them.

Prevention is always better and easier than cure. Therefore, you need a solution that prevents infection rather than fighting the consequences.

  • Run your trusted programs
  • Create safe files
  • Change what you want to change
  • Delete what you don’t really need

Defendset – guaranteed security.

Detailed information can be found in the product documentation.