• I already have an antivirus program installed in my system, why do I still need another protection?

    In most cases, an antivirus solution detects and protects against malware and viruses that are already known to it, or against programs that operate similar to a virus. Defendset provides protection against any attack, exposure and impacts, including non-virus programs.

  • Can the program protect my computer from malware crypters?

    The program has a number of preset rules that enable you to completely prevent launching and infection from a majority of currently known malicious programs, including crypters.

  • Will Windows updates be installed correctly since there are executable files there too?

    For normal operation of the system, go to the “Processes” tab and check “Skip system processes” in the security rule settings.

  • The program is blocking Windows 10 Defender. What do I do?

    You should add a trusted application to the exceptions in the rule settings in the “Processes” tab.

  • My license has expired but why is the program continuing to run?

    After the end of your license, the program will continue to run in the monitoring mode — operations are recorded in the event log, but not prevented. To fully protect your computer, you will need to buy a new license.

  • Can I use one activation code on multiple computers?

    When buying a license, specify the number of activations equal to the number of devices on which you plan to use the program. The validity period of the key will be counted from the date of first activation of the code in any of the devices.

  • How can I transfer a license to another computer?

    Deactivate your activation code on the old computer. Install Defendset and run the activation code on the new computer.

  • I checked “Skip system processes” in the rule but still Explorer transactions are blocked, why?

    For security purposes, Windows root catalog applications, including Explorer and other potentially unwanted programs (dllhost.exe, wscript.exe and others) via which a malicious application can penetrate the system are excluded from system processes. Detailed information can be found in the product documentation.